Our wedding party

We would like to introduce to you the fantastic people who will be in our wedding!

Bridal Party

Maid of Honor: Breanne Vaca, the bride's older sister

Bridesmaid: Dahria Kianpour, the groom's older sister

Bridesmaid: Jacqueline Kianpour, the groom's younger sister

Bridesmaid: Haleigh Taylor, the bride's friend

Bridesmaid: Rebecca Rhinehart, the bride's friend

Bridesmaid: Taylor Pierini, the bride's friend


Groom's Party

Best Man: Kyle Kianpour, the groom's younger brother

Groomsman: Mike Purcell, the groom's teammate and friend

Groomsman: Robert Hall, the groom's teammate and friend

Groomsman: Aaron Petteruto, the groom's friend

Groomsman: Daniel Gigliobianco, the groom's friend

Groomsman: Jared Lietz, the groom's friend


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